Suggested Time Slots for 2013

While by no means mandatory, it is recommended that games conform to the following time slots.  Using time slots allows you to better coordinate with players, play with more different people, and have a better time!

If you want to have a longer lunch or dinner, please make sure to end your prior event on time, rather than starting late.  A late event can leave a player waiting around.

Time Slots:

10AM- Noon:  “F-off, it’s early!”  This shorter time slot is better for boardgames or short rpgs.  Please wrap by noon so everyone can be back in time for the afternoon slot.

1 PM-5PM: “Afternoon”.  A nice meaty slot for your afternoon games.

6PM-11PM: “Evening” A nice, evening slot.  It goes up to eleven!

11PM+: “F-off, it’s late!” Game until you drop.