Forge Midwest Timeslots 2015

Forge Midwest 2015 will be using the same time slots as the past two years, including the Pitch Sessions that were introduced last year.

Pitch Sessions will be held at these times, where GMs will announce to the assembled players what games they are thinking of running.  Attending Pitch Sessions promptly has proven to get the maximum number of players into the maximum number of games.

These time slots are by no means mandatory.  There will be plenty of pick up games, and that’s awesome!  Using time slots allows you to better coordinate with players, play with more different people, and have a better time!

If you want to have a longer lunch or dinner, please make sure to cut an event short, rather than showing up to the next slot late, otherwise you might miss some awesome gaming!

Time Slots:

10AM- Noon:  “F-off, it’s early!”  This shorter time slot is better for boardgames or short rpgs.  Please wrap by noon so everyone can be back in time for the afternoon slot.

1 PM-5PM: “Afternoon”.  A nice meaty slot for your afternoon games.

6PM-11PM: “Evening” A nice, evening slot.  It goes up to eleven!

11PM+: “F-off, it’s late!” Game until you drop.


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