Forge Midwest Q&A

Forge Midwest Q&A

Q: Do I need to register for a badge to attend Forge Midwest?

A: Nope.  There is no per-registration or badge fee of any kind.

Q: I don’t see an events schedule! How do I play in an event?

A: Events are not scheduled ahead of time. At the start of each time slot, there will be a Pitch Session, in which interested game masters can announce their events and recruit players. Just show up on time, and you’ll get in a game!

Q: Do I need to register if I want to GM a game?

A: Nope! All you have to do is show up for one of the pitch sessions and announce your game.

Q: What are the timeslots?

A: 10 Am to Noon, One PM to Five, Seven PM to Eleven, and Eleven PM until you drop.

Q: I’m shy. Can someone else pitch my game for me?

A: Absolutely!

Q: What happens if I show up between timeslots?

A: There will be plenty of people around who might be interested in a pick-up game. There will be numerous boardgames on hand.

Q: Can I bring my kids?

A: Sorry, Forge Midwest is adults only.

Q: Can I bring my booze?

A: Yes!

Q: What does it cost to attend Forge Midwest?

A: There is no registration or badge fee for the convention. We do solicit donations to help pay for the cost of the hotel space. Forge Midwest is strictly Pay What You Want.

Q: Where is Forge Midwest?

A: Forge Midwest is held annually at the Best Western East Towne Suites in Madison, Wisconsin.

Q: What’s the deal with the Forge? Isn’t that a website?

A: Forge Midwest was originally a games meetup for users of the Forge Website.

Q: What kind of games are available?

A: Many Forge attendees are game designers or small-press enthusiasts. In addition, several LARP games are likely to be available.  However, there is no restriction on what games you can play- pitch any game you like!

Q: Does the con have an anti-harassment policy?

A: Harassment of con attendees is not tolerated. For violations, you may be ejected from the convention, at the discretion of the con organizers.