Forge Midwest 2014

Forge Midwest has been scheduled for 2014!  It will be April 4th, 5th, and 6th, as always at the Best Western East Towne Suites in Madison, WI.

To reserve your room, call the hotel at 608-244-2020.  Nightly rates are $69.

Con admission is free, as always, however if you enjoy your time please consider a donation to help pay for the meeting room costs.


Suggested Time Slots for 2013

While by no means mandatory, it is recommended that games conform to the following time slots.  Using time slots allows you to better coordinate with players, play with more different people, and have a better time!

If you want to have a longer lunch or dinner, please make sure to end your prior event on time, rather than starting late.  A late event can leave a player waiting around.

Time Slots:

10AM- Noon:  “F-off, it’s early!”  This shorter time slot is better for boardgames or short rpgs.  Please wrap by noon so everyone can be back in time for the afternoon slot.

1 PM-5PM: “Afternoon”.  A nice meaty slot for your afternoon games.

6PM-11PM: “Evening” A nice, evening slot.  It goes up to eleven!

11PM+: “F-off, it’s late!” Game until you drop.


We recently got done with Forge Midwest, and one of the common issues I saw was a lack of formal timeslots.

The last year or two, the scheduling has been done on a whiteboard, with a list of games, who’s running them, and a suggested time (typically something like “Friday evening” or even “whenever”) The idea was that people can throw their games out there, and you have to talk to people to set them up.  In practice the game events ended up being rather clique-ish, and disparity in timing expectations resulted in people sitting around waiting for people to show up and get back from dinner.

I remember a point though, when even the whiteboard with names of games on it was considered ‘too organized’ by some, functioning as some sort of nebulous tyrannical structure.  Maybe that worked when Forge Midwest was a lot smaller, but the con has increased greatly in size.

I want to stick with the Playcon roots and keep things casual, while providing enough of a structure that people can reasonably find games.  To that end, there will be no pre-con scheduling and signup of events: its okay to say you are bringing game X and want to run it at the con, and it’s even okay to say you’ll run it Friday or that you’d like to play in said game, but please no calling dibs.

There will certainly be no little con booklet with and event listings.

The timeslots are morning, afternoon, evening, and late nite.  The exact numbers need some looking at: what hours do people play anyways, given their druthers?  Something like 9-1, 2-7, 8-midnite, midnite-onward is probably best: if you want a longer dinner break, stop your afternoon game before 7.  People will be strongly encouraged to plan their games around these times.

Hello World

So this is the creation of the Forge Midwest blog.  This is going to be a collection of news and announcements for all things Forge Midwest, as well as a collection of actual play reports and con feedback.  If you attended Forge Midwest and have an actual play report, contact me and I’d love to post (or repost) it here.

In the five years that I’ve run Forge Midwest I’ve had a great time, met some great people, and learned a lot about gaming, myself, and managing a con.  I want to share that.  Let’s open the box.